Available on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain

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Estimated APY

50.0 %

Staking Period: day 33 / 90

Stake $PLANET to get revenue sharing

You can stake a minimum of 100,000 PLANET to get a share of the revenue.
You will earn up to 50% APY on your staked PLANET until the unlock date, on Aug 19th 2024, 3:30pm.

Balance: 0 PLANET
Minimum of 100,000 PLANET required.

Revenue sharing program details

Check out our Medium post for all the details about the operation:


Terms & Conditions:

1. Staking period is for 90 days. If you stake on the Nth day the number of days you are staked is 90 - N.

2. Staking is available only for $PLANET on ERC20 and BEP20 chains.

3. Users will have to stake a minimum of 100k $PLANET to be eligible for the program.

4. The final APY can vary based on the amount of staked tokens and price over the staked period with a maximum of 50% APY.

5. For everytime you stake your $PLANET, it creates a new lock.

6. Users will have to unstake each lock manually by visiting the staking portal.

7. After unstaking, users will have to claim their reward by visiting the staking portal.

8. Users will be charged gas fees for transactions determined by the chain.

9. In no event is PLANET responsible or liable to you for direct or indirect losses, damages or costs arising out of, or in connection with, staking operations

The terms and conditions are subject to change.